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What to buy for the Kentucky Derby

We can now count the amount of days until the 147th Kentucky Derby on two hands.

And if you're headed to Kentucky for the festivities, you're likely wondering what you need to bring.

Here are some must-have items if you're attending the 2021 Derby.

For women: dresses & hats

Generally speaking, women wear wide-brimmed hats and dresses to the Derby. Think "Southern Belle" if you're looking for inspiration.

Here are some places that sell dresses that can work for the Derby:



-City Chic

-Forever 21





-Nordstrom Rack

-Saks Off Fifth

And hats:

For men: Blazer, slacks, shoes (but no socks)

If you don't own attire that is Derby-appropriate already, men can purchase a blazer, slacks, etc. Think "springy" or "bright" when you're searching for the right look.

For all: accessories (SHOP HERE)

Items including but not limited to:

-Fanny Packs



-Flip flops


For all: comfort items/necessities

Consider buying/bringing these items as well if you don't already own them.



-Bottled water

-Comfortable shoes (or flip flops)

-Portable phone chargers

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